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Feb 1 – Rob Young

Rob has been out to Asessippi a number of times and is always entertaining.

Feb 8 – The Old 21

formed as a five piece band in 2010. Today, the foundation of the band is a trio including Lorne Frape on drums, Chris Istace on guitar and vocals and Katherine Miller on guitar and vocals.


Feb 15 - Jerry Sereda

Canadian Country Musician from Dauphin MB, who has gained popularity performing festivals across Canada with acts such as Johnny Reid, Shane Yellowbird, and Jason Blaine. and is making his mark on the Canadian Country Music scene" (APTN, 2008) Website

Feb 22 – Katherine Miller


A singer-songwriter from Esterhazy, SK.
YouTube: Katherine Miller Singer-songwriter

March 1 – Caitlyn Ayre

Details coming

March 8 - Mike Oakley

Details coming soon.

March 15 - Don Amero

It was the day that changed his life. On September 15, 2007, he walked off his job as a hardwood flooring installer and set out to pursue music fulltime. And what a good day that turned out to be! In the past four years, Don has released three albums that generated two national awards and twelve nominations. He has toured the country from coast-to-coast, been invited to play festivals, been asked to perform with symphony accompaniment, and appeared on national television concerts. While a lot has happened for Don in a seemingly short time, in actuality, it was a long road for him to get to where he is today. Website

March 22 - Alan Wong

With a voice that is equal parts smooth and soulful; his richly melodic songs are whimsical musings of a gypsy lifestyle – snapshots of a Canadian reality, performed with unabashed honesty and passion. Website

More details coming soon.